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We are a research group based at the School of Chemistry of the University of St Andrews. We are part of EaStCHEM, a joint research school established between the Universities of St Andrews and Edinburgh. Ultra-microscopy investigations of novel, functional materials form the core of our scientific endeavours. In collaboration with partners across various disciplines and institutions, we are part of the Scottish Centre for Interdisciplinary Surface Spectroscopy (SCISS).

Our expertise lies in the nanoscale design of functional materials. Scanning probe techniques are applied to a variety of interdisciplinary subjects focussing on a better fundamental understanding of the physics and chemistry at surfaces. Scanning probe techniques, such as STM or AFM, enable us to obtain insights into the nanoscopic realm, thanks to their remarkable spatial resolution and to their ability to perform spectroscopy at the single atom/molecule level. To learn more about our research, click here.



Most recent news


6th February 2024Ewan and Renald having a great time working at the I09 beamline of the Diamond Light Source. What a fantastic opportunity to collaborate with Professor Philip Moriarty (Nottingham University) and Dr David Duncan (Nottingham University and DSL)!


14th June 2023 – What a brilliant Graduation Ceremony this year! Congratulations to Yi-Ying, Simon, Lauren, and Fraser! Well done – we are so proud of you!!!

9th May 2023 – Both Renald and Claus Marquordt (CEO of Integrated Graphene) are interviewed by the East of Scotland KTP Centre of Innovate UK with the aim of publishing 2 Case Study videos. The purpose of these is to highlight their very successful KTP project to potential academic and industry KTP partnerships. The interviews can be found on YouTube here for Renald and here for Claus.